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Visit Fundraising 101 button.fw.png Teams are the heart and soul of our Race! By starting a team, you can bring family, friends and coworkers together to celebrate a survivor in your life, honor the lives of lost loved ones, or simply support a great cause. In addition to receiving some friendly competition, when you start a team you’ll receive a team website and are eligibility for the following rewards. Teams earn rewards to celebrate their success at the Team Tailgate Party in the Race Expo.

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Start a Team

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1 Select the team captain. The captain must register first and create the team before members can join.
  • Step 2 Choose a team name and team division that best describes your team. During registration, designate whether you are a friends and family, corporate or school team.
  • Step 3 Invite friends, coworkers and family to join you! Email, Facebook or tweet everyone you know and invite them to race and fundraise with you. Download and post a Team Poster  at work, school, church, etc.
  • Step 4 Set up your team web page. After you register, log in to your Fundraising Center to add a photo of your team, set a fundraising goal and tell everyone why you race for the cure.

Each team member can fundraise on their personal Facebook page! Friends will be able to read your story, watch your progress and donate – all without ever leaving Facebook, helping the team to build momentum and reach their goals faster.

Connect Your Race Fundraiser to Facebook

Team Captain Checklist

After you register, it’s time to recruit your team and start fundraising. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Make a donation of any size to show your commitment and kick off your fundraising efforts.
  • Set a goal for the number of people you will recruit for your team.
  • Display event materials, such as brochures and posters, around your office, campus, cafeterias, break rooms, gyms, and other high-traffic areas. Include your name and contact information so people can easily get involved. Team Poster
  • Host a kickoff meeting or event, and invite the Susan G. Komen® staff to make a presentation.
  • Send fundraising tips out to all your team members and highlight the team’s top fundraising member.
  • Create fundraising incentives for your team members to encourage them to meet or exceed their fundraising goals.
  • Remind team members to log on to their fundraising pages to record all offline donations and send thank-you notes.
  • Post a progress chart with your fundraising and recruitment goals in a visible area and update totals regularly. Fundraising Poster

Team Fundraising

Every dollar you raise brings us closer to a future without breast cancer. And when you race with a team, you amplify your impact. How much will your team add to the movement?

Once you have your team in place, there are two ways to raise funds:

The ultimate reward for your fundraising work is knowing that you and your team made your mark in the breast cancer fight. Set your goals high, and see below how we celebrate our top-performing teams.

Team Tools

Don't forget to take advantage of these great team tools:

  • Fundraising/Recruiting Team poster
  • Individual Fundraising poster
  • Donations sheet
  • Individual donation form
  • Billing agreement for corporate teams (we'll bill team after the Race for team registrations)
  • Donation jar lable

2017 Reno Race for the Cure - Team Poster Thumb    2017 Reno Race for the Cure Individual Fundraising Poster th   Reno Race Donations Form  Reno_Race_for_the_Cure_Individual_Donation_Form.jpg Corporate_Billing_Form_-_2017_Race_for_the_Cure.jpg

Donation jar label:

2017 Reno Race for the Cure - Donation Jar Label 2017 Reno Race for the Cure Registration Form.jpg

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