Fundraising 101

Your registration fees get you to the start line, but it's your fundraising efforts that will get us to the finish line - a world without breast cancer. It's your committment to raising dollars that will provide breast cancer services in our community and will fuel breast cancer research. We cannot thank you enough for taking this extra step which will truly make an impact in Nevada's fight againt breast cancer. 

When you register for the Race, you gain access to some fabulous tools that make it easy to be successful at fundraising.

3 great fundraising tools.fw.png

1 - Fundraising Center - This is a great tool to use from your computer and if you have a contact list with email addresses.

2 - SGK Fundraise app - This is a great tool if you communicate mostly through texting and you have all your contacts in your phone.

3 - Komen Race for the Cure Facebook app - This is a great tool if you post regularly on Facebook and have a large following.

When you combine all three, you have a winning strategy that makes it easy (yes, really) to be successful at meeting your fundraising goals.

6 old fashion fundraisers.fw.png

But don't dismiss good old fashioned fundraisers such as blue jeans passes at work, garage sales, bake sales, bowl-a-thons, cookoffs, donation jars.

6 old fashion fundraisers icons.fw.png

Fundraising Tips | Downloadable Documents | Helpful Video Guides to your Fundraising Center 

Fundraising Center

Getting started with your Fundraising Center. This is the page that your family and friends will see when they make a donation to your Race campaign. It's important that you personalize it with your story and photos. There is a high corrolation between participants who personalize their pages and successful fundraisers. So take the few minutes it takes to make your page your own!

  • Visit your Fundraising Center.
  • Customize your page and share your link.
  • Use the Fundraising Center to easily send emails to your friends and families. This may be the most powerful tool you have! Export your contact list (from Gmail or Outlook), then upload them to your Fundraising Center. From there, write a short, heartfelt letter that explains why you are passionate about the fight against breast cancer (or use the sample letters available in the Fundraising Center), then send it as far and wide as you possibly can. Successful fundraisers ask as many people as they can to contribute to their Race campaign. The number one reason people give is BECAUSE THEY WERE ASKED!
  • Encourage everyone you know to visit your site, learn more about your commitment to the fight against breast cancer and make a donation on your behalf.
  • Through the Fundraising Center, use Facebook to connect with friends and spread the word about your fundraising efforts.
  • Download the FREE Susan G. Komen® mobile app to help amplify your fundraising efforts. Log in with your Race username and password to easily send emails, text messages, Tweets and Facebook updates! Click here for more information or search SGK Fundraise in your app store. 

Fundraise on your personal Facebook page to raise money from friends more easily! Create your own fundraising page in Facebook where you can post updates, invite friends, build momentum and reach your goal faster!

Connect Your Race Fundraiser to Facebook

SGK Fundraise

Download SGK Fundraise onto your phone, and start raising funds while you're sitting waiting for your pals at the coffee shop, watching your kids play ball, waiting in line at the grocery store. Here's how.

Komen Race for the Cure Facebook App

Find all you need to know about using this great Facebook App here. This is a great compliment to using the Fundraising Center and SGK Fundraise! Thank your donors publicly for helping you get to your goal. Let them know when you are close and ask them to help push you over the top!

Fundraising Tips

To make the most of your efforts, consider these tips from other successful Race for the Cure® fundraisers:

  • Set a personal goal today. (We suggest $250)
  • Make the first gift yourself to show your commitment!
  • Utilize your Fundraising Center. Take advantage of our online tools to ask friends and family to make a donation to support you.
  • Tell your story. Share your passion for the breast cancer movement with family, friends, coworkers and everyone in between.
  • Spread the word on social media. Don’t underestimate the power of Facebook and Twitter.
  • Find out whether your company has a matching gift program. If so, partner with your workplace with a matching gift.
  • Send a personalized letter reusing your holiday card mailing list.
  • Download a list of 101 Fundraising Ideas.

Helpful Documents

Download and print or share Race posters:

2017 Reno Race for the Cure - Team Poster Thumb    2017 Reno Race for the Cure Individual Fundraising Poster th   Reno Race Donations Form  Reno_Race_for_the_Cure_Individual_Donation_Form.jpg Corporate_Billing_Form_-_2017_Race_for_the_Cure.jpg

Donation jar label:

2017 Reno Race for the Cure - Donation Jar Label

Collecting Cash or Check Donations? If you plan on collecting donations by cash or check, please download a Race Donations Form or an individual donation form

Mail-in fundraising forms must be received by November 15, 2017, for donations to be credited toward your fundraising goal to be counted for the top fundraising award. Any forms received after that date will be counted as general Race donations. Note that MORE THANK PINK car shades will be distributed at packet pickup (October 12-14) and on Race Day (October 15).

Forms should be mailed to: Susan G. Komen Nevada, 1350 Freeport Blvd, Suite 101, Sparks, NV 89431.

Note: Be sure to include your full name and complete contact information on the form so we may inform you of additional donations received on your behalf. On the form, please be sure to list the full names and addresses of people who make donations on your behalf so that we may send them their tax-deductible receipt.

Helpful Videos

Export your contacts into a CSV file.


How to update team fundraising goal.

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